Northgate Developments specialise in the Design and Construction of Commercial, and Industrial property including Leaseback Packages and Project Management.


Our expertise extends over many years of experience. Our friendly staff are here to oversee all aspects of the project scope. We pride ourselves on providing our clients with fast and reliable service.


Our motto, "Building Your Vision"


Northgate Developments Pty Ltd comprises a number of private development and investment companies controlled by
Mr Angelo De Bortoli that have over the past twenty two years been actively involved in the Melbourne commercial and industrial area.


Northgate takes a 'hands on' approach in all its business and has played an active role in the construction of a number of properties, particularly in the Northern suburbs of Melbourne.


More recently the company has expanded its interests to include the wider metropolitan area and is looking to widen its activities, still further, with interstate developments.


The company is involved in a wide range of property based activities;

  • Investment feasibility analysis
  • Sale and lease back packages
  •  Speculative commercial and industrial development
  • Design and construct building development
  •  Traditional general building contracting
  • Commercial fit out contracting
  • Portfolio management

In-house management of design and construction ensures that we are able to maintain long standing relationships with preferred suppliers and sub contractors. This enables project build times and costs to be kept as competitive as possible, whilst still providing the flexibility to accommodate unforseen delays and alterations into the construction program.


Key to the success of Northgate is its long term approach to its developments and business relationships. Personalised management of all our developments from design inception to construction completion ensures that we have a comprehensive understanding of our building users and their future requirements. Any issues that require resolving (such as alterations, extensions etc) can be quickly agreed to between the parties.



  • A strong portfolio of successfully completed projects
  • Demonstrable ability to deliver cost effective, client specific, occupancy solutions
  • Financial capacity based on conservatively geared income producing investments
  • Fully inter grated property group with extensive concept design, development, construction and property management experience



  • High standards of finish and presentation
  • Design and landscaping in harmony with local environment
  • Group investment properties managed and maintained to a high standard